Ultrasonic Sensor Applications

Excel Automation is a distributor of many different sensor product lines and technologies.    Our ultrasonic sensor lines are very unique and help solve some of the most challenging sensing applications.

We have three different ultrasonic sensor product lines:  Hyde Park ultrasonic sensors, Telemecanique ultrasonic sensors, and Microsonic ultrasonic sensors.   With these resources, we provide unique solutions for level control sensing applications, presence sensing, clear object sensing, part inspection and counting, part orientation sensing and more.

Hyde Park, Telemecanique & Microsonic all have software configurable ultrasonic sensors.  This option allows us to custom configure a sensor for your application, providing a unique sensing solution when a standard “off-the-shelf” model may not have Hyde Park software configurable sensorsworked.  Software configurable ultrasonic sensors also allows the customer to reduce their in house inventory by stocking a base model and configuring it for each application as they arise.

Ultrasonic sensors thrive in dusty, dirty environments where other types of sensors do not.   They are available with 3 different output types:  discrete window, discrete latching for pump control, and analog (0-10 vdc or 4-20ma).   The discrete window output provides the ultimate in foreground and background suppression, allowing the sensor to sense the target only when it is in the window.  Some sensor models hold their window switch points to +/- 0.027″.

Most of our ultrasonic sensors are rated NEMA 4X, IP67 for wet environments.  They are ideal for food and beverage manufacturers because they hold up in the hose down environments.  Also, because they do not have lenses, their is no possibility for false signals due to condensation build up.

We solve a lot of level control applications, including level control of liquids, slurries, randomly oriented parts in a feeder bowl, bin or Ultrasonic sensor for feeder bowl level sensinghopper.  Ultrasonic sensors are typically mounted over the top of the tank or hopper, are non-contact, and are a reliable alternative to float switches and capacitive sensors which experience problems as a result of contact with the product.

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