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A high performance vision sensor that is simple to install and configure. The new OsiSense XUW vision sensor assists quality control of your manufactured parts.
Configuration of the sensor is simplified due to an intuitive configuration interface and interactive online help.

Integrate it easily in your machines
The compactness of the OsiSense XUW vision sensor enables easy installation at the point where the parts must be checked.
Reduce configuration time
Configure the sensor in only 3 simple steps.
Evolve with your production
The use of 5 mixable interface tools means that you can add up to 32 simultaneous checks on a part.
Evolve with your production
The configuration interface offers you 5 tools with “unrestricted” usage. By using these 5 tools, up to 32 different checks can be performed on the same manufactured part. The tolerance of the tools is adjustable in order to set the acceptable limits.
Select from these
5 tools for optimum checking of your manufactured parts1
32 check zones
on the same part2
Traceability of your configurations and checks saved
All images (good and bad), as well as configuration data, can be saved either in the sensor memory or on the network.
Photo-electric sensors
OsiSense XUW
Vision sensors for inspection of manufactured parts3
1 : Vision sensor XUW.
2 : Additional lighting.
3 : Photo-electric sensor.
4 : Human/machine interface.
5 : Automation platform.
With high industrial production rates and a constant need to improve quality and boost profits, industrial companies are increasingly anxious to automate their production methods.
Vision sensors for the inspection of manufactured parts provide an answer to these concerns.Vision sensors, such as OsiSense XUW, allow checking of high rate production operations and ensure good repeat accuracy of checking. These XUW sensors can also be used to manage object flows.
Types of application for manufactured parts:
• quality control
• presence
• position, orientation, sorting, integrity
• checking markings
• guiding and gripping
Operating principle
“Good”.part.. “Bad”.part. (marking.complete) (marking.incomplete)
Once the application to be created is well defined, i.e. when “good” and “bad” parts have been identified, implementation of the XUW vision sensors is simple.The sensor is configured via the software. This software is supplied on CD-ROM and must be installed on a PC. An image of the “good” part and its acceptance tolerances are saved in the XUW sensor memory. Once the sensor has been configured, it is independent. The PC is no longer required.Inspection results: the “good part” or “bad part” result is obtained via discrete outputs or Ethernet IP network outputs.
The inspection of parts is therefore simple to perform.
The Telemecanique Sensors “vision” offer comprises:
• 4 vision sensors
• additional lighting (if necessary, depending on the application)
• configuration software
• fixing, mounting and cabling accessories
OsiSense XUW vision sensors
The main characteristics of these sensors are as follows:
• a grey-scale image
• compactsize:45x45x65mm
• rugged construction: metal enclosure and connections
• connection by M12 connector
• a wide range of focal adjustment, for image sharpness
• white or red light, via LED (integrated and adjustable)
• integrated lens:
v 12 mm focal length: high precision and long distance
v 6 mm focal length: for close object and wide field of vision 

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