Microsonic LCA-2 Programmer

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  • Three-digit digital display ::: for the display of measured distance values in mm or cm
  • TeachBox with four-button operation ::: for programming of the Microsonic LCA-2 programmersensor without a PC
  • LinkCopy function ::: for copying the sensor settings from one sensor to another without a PC
  • Uniform microsonic teach-in for all microsonic sensors ::: to keep easy things easy


  • Handy adapter ::: for the programming of ultrasonic sensorsMicrosonic LCA-2 programmer
  • USB interface ::: for connection to a PC
  • T plug ::: to insert the adapter between the connector cable and the sensor
  • LinkControl software ::: free download of the current version on the Internet
  • Backwards-compatible ::: so sensors that have been in the field for a long time can still be programmed
  • Future-proof ::: since the LinkControl adapter will also support future generations of sensors

Microsonic LCA software

download-pdf  Download Microsonic LCA-2 Programmer Instructions

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