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Sensing Applications

Tri-Tronics photoelectric sensorsSome of the typical sensing applications we solve:

  • Part presence sensing
  • Product counting
  • Product inspection
  • Part orientation
  • Color sensing / color discrimination / color shift detection
  • Finite detail sensing via lasers
  • Clear object sensing
  • UV / Luminescence sensing

    feeder bowl level contorl

  • Level Control (feeder bowls)
  • Container cap detection
  • Level Control (liquids and solids)
  • Stack height sensing
  • Roll diamter
  • Web loop control
  • Web edge guide
  • Sensing targets equally well, independent of color, composition, reflectivity, etc

    Tri-Tronics sensors

  • Sensing in harsh environments (i.e.dusty, dirty, etc)
  • Sensing labels on a web
  • Sensing labels on the product
  • Product height detection
  • High cap / skewed cap / missing cap detection
  • Container fill level
  • Sensors for hose down / wash down environments (sensors rated IP67 and NEMA 4X)
  • Ferrous / non-ferrous metal double sheet / double blank detection
    clear container sensing

  • Distance sensing
  • Splice detection
  • high speed sensing
  • Machine guarding vias safety curtains / safety matts
  • Adhesive / Loctite detection
  • Coating detection
  • Registration mark sensing
  • Vision sensors & systems for part inspection, orientation, color, 1D & 2D code reading, OCR, and moresensopart vision sensors

Tri-Tronics Markeye sensor           Tri-Tronics colormark sensor         Tri-Tronics sensing app pics 2


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