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Roxtec Cable Glands RG M63 Series

The Roxtec RG M63 is a compact kit sealing solution for cabinets. The three different standardised kit configurations make it possible to seal one to nine pre terminated cables, ranging from ⌀3.5mm to ⌀32.5mm. The Roxtec RG M63 housing is made of nickel plated brass. The seal is UL/NEMA 4,4X,12,13 and IP 66/67 rated.

The Roxtec RG M63 AISI 316L is made of stainless steel, acid proof material. The seal is rated IP 66/67.

Roxtec RG M63/1
RG M63/1
Roxtec RG M63/4
RG M63/4
Roxtec RG M63/9
RG M63/9

RG M63 Seals

The Roxtec RG M63 cable gland series include models that accommodate up nine cables or pipes

  • Attachment by counter ring nut
  • Standard models listed below are nickel plated brass, stainless options are available
  • Allows use of connectorized cables w/ out cutting or splicing
    All RG M63 models listed below are UL / CSA listed for NEMA 4, 4X, 12 & 13; Also rated for IP 66/67

Roxtec RGM 63 cable glandRoxtec RGM 63 installedRoxtec RGM 63/9 cable gland

PDF icon   Roxtec RGM63 spec sheet

PDF icon   Roxtec RGM63 Installation Instructions


Part # # of cable
or pipes
Accomodates cables and/or pipes with the diameter ranges listed below External Diameter
(mm)     (inches)          
(kg)  (lb)   
3.5 – 10.5 mm(0.138- 0.413″)
3.5 – 16.5 mm
(0.138- 0.650″)
9.5 – 32.5 mm
(0.374 – 1.280″)
RG M63/1 1 1 cable or pipe 74 x 51 2.913 x 2.008 0.5 1.213
RG M63/4 4 4 cables or pipes 74 x 51 2.913 x 2.008/td> 0.5 1.213
RG M63/9 9 9 cables or pipes 74 x 51 2.913 x 2.008 0.5 1.213

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