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Roxtec frames and engineered cable entry solutions are designed for passing cables & pipes through walls, ceilings, floors, bulk heads, and more. Roxtec engineered cable entry systems can be used in many different industries: construction, electrical, telecom, wind, solar, rail, marine, manufacturing and more.

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This form of Roxtec cable entry products consist of frames, wedges, stayplates & modules that are typically custom designed and engineered to solve a specific cable or pipe sealing application.  They can be designed to adapt to almost any wall material and thickness, in almost any environment.

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  Roxtec Sealing Systems

Determining Application Factors:

  • number of cables or pipes passing through a single point of entry
  • diameter of each cable of pipe
  • size of the opening
  • wall thickness
  • wall material,
  • environmental sealing requirements
  • are there pre-existing cable or pipes in place or is this a new installation
  • frame material required

Excel Automation is an authorized Roxtec stocking distributor.

Contact us to discuss your specific cable or pipe sealing application and we will design and engineer a custom sealing solution to fit your exact application need.  We can provide a drawing of the frame, modules, wedges & stayplates specified, along with a bill of materials and a price quote.

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