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Telemecanique sensors
Telemecanique Sensor’s OsiSenseTM XUY photoelectric sensors are really innovative for fast and smart integration in conveyor systems.Fast, modular & best installation time:

The sensor is mounted between rollers from the top. No more missing screws to mount your bracket and sensor.

Plug & Play: to see any package, no color effect, and no environment teaching.

Dust protection: special lenses and LED power to avoid dust accumulation

Impact resistant: unique mechanical installation embedded within the conveyor frame to prevent product damage

Full automation integration:
The sensor is compatible with zone controllers from current motorized roller manufacturers or with standard PLC platforms. Different connectors or cable wires are offered.
• Typical areas of application:
• detection of packet, boxes, pallets and
letters of paper, carton or metallic material
• Well suited for use in:
• conveying for manufacturing facilities,
warehouses, and retail distribution centers
Watch a video and see first hand how easy the XUY Roller Conveyor Sensor is to mount and operate –

• Fast and simple installation:
• No tools needed
• Easy mounting from the top
• Gain of 50% in installation and adjustment
• 3 mounting solutions (Hexagonal 7/16”, Ø 8 mm, or adhesive supports) 
Full detection :
• No package color effecting sensor performance due to reliable infra-red sensing technology
• Easy direction adjustment, every 30°
• Full length detection from multiple sensors embedded within the sensor housing
• Convex lens to avoid dust accumulation
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Product Specification
OsiSenseTM XUY
XUY415N4HL2 XUY415N4HL03M12Mechanical Caracteristics:
Dimension (width) Number of sensors
Diameter (case)
Sensor pitch
Material Case
LensDetection performances:
Detection mode
Nominal sensing distance Minimum object size Maximum flow rateElectrical Caracteristics:
Voltage limits
Current consumption Output LED Switching capacity Switching frequencyEnvironmental characteristics:
Operating temperature IP class
Roller conveyor sensor
PNP/NPN, NO/NC by cabling
cable 2m or remote M12 connector415 mm, from 200 to 914 upon request
4 (number of sensors is determined by the overall
conveyor width) 12mm
84 mm
M12 4 pins connector or cable Hexagonal 7/16”, Ø 8mm or adhesive Aluminium and PA
PCDiffuse infrared 100 mm
85 mm
60 m/mn18 to 36 Volts DC (including ripples)
35 mA
100 mA with overload and short circuit protection 500 Hz-10°C to 50°C
IP50 (IP65 upon request)
XUY Roller Conveyor Sensor
14 15
Catalog Number Configuration
For this example, XUY415.. is available for any conveyor width from 414 to 418 mm (-1, +3 mm)
* Future capability. Call local field sales office for more information and availability.
Important Note: Not all configurations may be possible.
Photo-electric sensors
OsiSense XU Application, conveying series
For detecting packages on a roller conveyor
DC supply, solid-state output

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