Microsonic MIC Series

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  • Digital display with direct measured value output in mm/cm or %
  • Numeric configuration of the sensor using digital display ::: permits complete advance configuration of the sensor
  • Automatic synchronisation and multiplex operation ::: for simultaneous operation of up to ten Sensors in close quarters


  • 1 or 2 switching outputs in pnp or npn variants
  • Analogue output 4–20 mA and 0–10 V ::: with automatic switching between current and voltage outputs
  • Analogue output plus 1 pnp switching output
  • 5 detection ranges with a measurement range of 30 mm to 8 m
  • microsonic Teach-in by using button T1 and T2
  • 0.025 mm to 2.4 mm resolution
  • Temperature compensation
  • 9–30 V operating voltage
  • LinkControl ::: for configuration of sensors from a PC
  • 30mm threaded barrel

Microsonics MIC series data sheet

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