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Hyde Park offers both standard ultrasonic sensors and software configurable ultrasonic sensor models.

Hyde Park configurable sensors provide performance beyond the standard, off-the-shelf models.   They also allow a given model to be configured for variations in performance and / or functionality to meet your application needs, significantly reducing your sensor inventory.

Excel Automation is an Hyde Park authorized stocking distributor.  We can provide the sensor and configurator for customer use, or we can customer configure the Hyde Park sensor for your unique application before shipping.

The following Hyde Park ultrasonic sensor models are available as software configurable:

  •  SC900 series is software configurable version of SM900 series
  •  SC600 series is software configurable version of SM600 series
  • SC300 series is software configurable version of SM300 series
AC441A-US available on our shopping cart

AC441A-US configurator

AC441A-US software configurator comes complete with the AC441 configurator, software and all inner-connecting cables.  The AC441 connects to your PC and to the Hyde Park sensors, and allows the user to adjust many sensor parameters including:

  • Adjust sensor gain
  • Adjust sensor range and window limits
  • Enable / adjust sensor on / off delays
  • Adjust sensor response time
  • Select normally open / normally closed output status
  • Adjust sensor LED status indicators
  • enable / disable sensor push buttons
  • Select proximity mode or dual level mode (on some models)
  • Select sensor default push button setup
  • allow sensor to ignore echos outside of sensor window limits
  • Enable / disable Hold on Loss of Echo feature
  • and many more advanced sensor parameters

 Our website shopping cart provides both standard models and software configurable models.  To find a software configurable or standard part number, enter the part # in the search box on the top of the page, or select the product series you’re looking for on the main product page.

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Contact Excel Automation for technical and sales assistance with Hyde Park software configurable ultrasonic sensors.

Ph: 330-220-1977

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