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Cooling with ambient air is the most economical and energy efficient type of cooling. When ambient air is contaminated by dust, liquid or gases, the components which are integrated in the enclosure can be damaged if contact occurs. The use of a Filterfan® is therefore no longer recommended.

Pfannenberg Air/Air Heat Exchangers are an ideal solution for these application areas with contaminated air:

  • A dual air circuit design keeps complete separation of the internal and external air.
  • The interior of the enclosure is thus hermetically separated from the atmosphere.
  • Harmful dust, gas or fluids can no longer cause damage to the integrated components.
  • The robust steel construction of the air/ air heat exchangers makes their operation in harsh industrial processes possible.

Our εCOOL products feature a maintenance friendly design. Installation and maintenance of these units requires much less time compared to other closed loop products. The εCOOL Air/Air Heat Exchanger feature an energy efficient, minimal maintenance design that is a proven solution in harsh environments.

PAI Air / Air Heat Exchangers specifications

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