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CC Series

The CC or “Compact Chiller” series combines the economy of the rack series with the full-featured design of our EB Chillers. Pfannenberg’s CC Chillers are manufactured in multiple production facilities worldwide. The CC Chiller is truly a global product meeting the needs of different global requirements, making this product great for OEM customers serving global markets.

Standard Features

  • Hermetic compressor with R-134a refrigerant
  • Peripheral pump with a wide flow & pressure range
  • Stainless steel brazed plate evaporator
  • Non-ferrous coolant circuit
  • Hinged front panel allows full access to interior for service
  • Microprocessor-based electronic controller
  • UL & CE Approvals

Available Options

  • Hydraulic coolant by-pass kit.
  • Casters

EB Series

Specifically developed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s industrial applications, the EB chiller allows the maximum cooling capacity in the smallest possible footprint.  With a long list of standard features and many available options, Pfannenberg’s EB Series provides the best choice for recirculated cooling of machinery, hydraulics, automation components, etc.

Standard Features

  • Hermetic compressor with R-404a or R-134a refrigerant
  • Stainless steel, multi-stage centrifugal pump with a wide flow & pressure range
  • Stainless steel, brazed-plate evaporator
  • Insulated, plastic coolant tank
  • Microprocessor-based electronic controller with remote start/stop input & remote alarm output
  • Coolant flow switch
  • Condenser air filter
  • “Stack light” optical status indication
  • NEMA 4 control enclosure for outdoor installation
  • UL & CE approvals

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