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Tri-Tronics facility in Tampa, FlSince 1954, Tri-Tronics has been manufacturing photoelectric sensors and controls to solve the most challenging applications (i.e.  product counting, product inspection & orientation sensing, clear object sensing, UV / luminesence sensing, color sensing, registration mark sensing and much more).  Tri-Tronics offer a complete line of sensors, from high speed, high performance, to simple and cost effective solutions.  Tri-Tronics is located in Tampa, Florida, and all 57Tri-Tronics products are made in the USA.

Unique Tri-Tronics Features
• Auto-Set feature (initial set up with a single push of a button)
• Contrast indicator (displays how reliably sensor views it’s target)
• Off-set adjustment (high resolution for challenging applications)
• Fast response time (models as fast as 10 microseconds response, 5 microseconds repeatability)
• Interchangeable optical block system (one sensor easily adapts to any sensing mode)

Typical Applications Solved with Tri-Tronics Sensors
• Product presence sensing, Product counting, Clear object detection, Product inspection, Product orientation,Registration mark / color sensing, Label sensing & inspection, Seal verification & more

Excel Automation has been an authorized Tri-Tronics stocking distributor since 1989.  We provide application, technical and sales assistance.  Contact us for help selecting the appropriate sensor to solve your application.

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