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Dialight defines the current state of LED lighting technology with continuous innovations in light output, efficacy and reliability for their complete line of high-specification lighting fixtures specifically designed for industrial, commercial, & hazardous locations. These results are directly related to their ongoing commitment to Dialight LED high bay fixtureadvancing solid-state lighting products that vastly reduce maintenance, improve safety, ease disposal, and are more environmentally friendly – thereby helping to reduce CO2 emissions, the dominant GHG contributor to global warming.

With Dialights high-specification range of products, they are uniquely positioned for a number of long-term global growth trends, many of which are driven by government regulations and environmental initiatives. These include the current global infrastructure build-out, and the need for improvements to the efficiency, reliability and productivity of the electrical grid. Dialight plc is headquartered in the UK and operated out of the USA with offices in the USA, UK, Denmark, Germany and Mexico.   Dialight was started in 1938.

DUROSITE SERIES:   Dialight’s Durosite series of LED fixtures are for non-hazardous locations.  Models are available up to 25,000 lumens.  Most models in the Durosite series are designed for indoor and outdoor use.  In the Durosite series, the following LED fixtures are available:  high bays, low bays, wall packs, area lights, linears, flood lights, & parking lot fixtures.

VIGILIANT SERIES:  Dialight’s Vigiliant series of LED fixtures are for non-hazardous locations.  Models are available up to 60,000 lumens, and up to 140 lumens per watt, making Dialight Vigiliant LED fixtures the most efficient fixtures on the market.  Vigiliant fixtures are for indoor and outdoor use, and as of now, only available as LED high bay fixtures.

SAFESITE SERIES:  Dialight’s Safesite series are rated for hazardous locations (C1D1, C1D2, C2D1, C2D2, & more) and are available up to 26,500 lumens and up to 125 lumens per watt.  Most Safesite models are for indoor & outdoor use.  In the Safesite series, the following LED fixtures are available:  high bays, linears, area lights, wall packs.

CERTIFICATIONS & RATINGS:  Dialight fixtures are made of extruded aluminum and contain a large surface area of heat sink.  Dialight products are gasketed, sealed, and models are rated up to NEMA 4X,  IP66, UL1598A, water tight for indoor and outdoor use.  Models rated for Dark Sky Compliant and CSA 22 #250.   Most Dialight fixtures have a wide operating temperature range of -40F to 149F.

Advantages of Dialight LED Lighting:

•Dialight high bays up to 60,000 lumens, up to 140 lumens per watt
• Longest rated life: >100,000 hrs, 5yr & 10yr full warranties
• LED fixtures rated for hazardous & non-hazardous locations
• Dialight fixtures are the lowest profile (light weight)
• Dialight has been in the lighting business since 1938
• Dialight operating temperatures:  -40F to 149F
•  Consumes less energy (good ROI)
• Dialight LED fixtures produce virtually no heat
• LED fixtures are instant on & off and resistant to shock & vibration
• No maintenance required

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