500 Series

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Hyde Park Ultrasonic Sensors

500 series

• Sensing mode: primarly proximity*
• Body style: rectangular
• Range: models to 2 meter range
• Input: models with either 110vac or 12-24 vdc
• Output:
• Switched: ac models with triac or dc models with switched
(industry standard NPN PNP)
• Analog: models with either 0-10 volt or 4-20 ma
• Housing: Industrial grade plastic.
• Termination: quick-disconnect or potted cable
• Adjustability: several adjustments; SM500 Series is the most flexible family to suit application needs
• Environmental: Nema 4X; hosedown/washdown
• Related product: see SM900, with reduced features and flexibility

*  through-beam mode can be achieved when sensor is ordered with remote sensing heads, and the heads are positioned facing each other and the target comes in between.

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