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Below is a list of some of the questions we tend to hear to most from first time customers. Read through them to answer your own questions, but please, feel free to contact us directly as well. Sometimes, the questions are better answered when we have a good picture of your business and its needs. Thank you!

 Q  How long has Excel Automation been in business?

 A  We opened our doors in 1989, led by an experienced industry expert.

Q  Do you have references and client testimonials I can access?

A  xxxxxx

Q I have never ordered on-line from Excel Automation before.  How do I purchase products from you?

A  From the Home Page, in the “Navigation” area to the far left, click on the “Order On-Line”, immediately under the heading “On-Line Shopping”. Select from the list of manufacturers that are currently offered for On-Line shopping. From there, select the product series of choice. On the page for that specific series of product, scroll down to begin the shopping cart area. Each part number within that series is listed with a brief description of its respective price. For each product you want to order, simply click on the “Add to cart”. You may add one or more different products to your cart. If you wish to continue shopping, click on “Continue”, or click on “Check out” if you are finished shopping. On-line purchases utilize Pay-Pal to accept Mastercard, Visa, or American Express credit cards.

Q  I would like to purchase from Excel Automation, but prefer to do so off-line.

A  For off-line purchases, give us a call during office hours to discuss our requirements for establishing an account.

Q  I have been ordering from Excel Automation to date using a conventional purchase order number, and wish to continue doing so. Does your web-site have a provision for this type of transaction?

A  Yes, but you must contact us first to establish that special capability. After that capability has been established, you will be able to make purchases on-line with a customary purchase order number.

Q  What if I need to know the availability of a specific product?

A  Call us during office hours at our general number, after hours on our live after hours sales support line, or e-mail us anytime.

Q  What are Excel Automation’s terms and conditions regarding purchases?

A  Click here to read our Terms & Conditions.

Q  How can I check the status of my open order?

A  Call us during office hours or e-mail us anytime.

Q  If Excel Automation has a product in stock, how soon will it ship?

A  Within practical limitations, any item in stock will typically ship the same day the order is placed, as long as the order is received in sufficient time to process, package, and meet the UPS pickup schedule. Last minute orders for goods in stock run the risk of not shipping until the following work day.

Q  The On-line store does not seem to show the specific part number that I have.

A  The part number may be obsolete, incomplete, or not entered in the correct format to be recognized by the “Search” feature. Call us during office hours or e-mail us anytime.

Q  How can I tell if there is a newer or better replacement for the item I wish to order?

A  Call us during office hours or e-mail us anytime.

Q  How do I know if my purchases are tax exempt?

A  Consult your Manager of Purchasing for the corporate policy. Purchases of goods used in the process of automating the manufacture of other goods as well products for resale to others are tax exempt from Excel Automation to you. If you are tax exempt, we need to have your tax exemption certificate on file. One certificate covers all future orders, until revoked by your company.

Q  I am using the “Search” feature, and cannot find a part number that I am quite certain is correct. (Note that the Search feature is only for the products that are offered in the On-Line Store; not for any other products shown in our website.)

A  The part numbers of all products available through the On-line Store have been entered into the shopping cart exactly as the manufacturer formats them. If you enter any other variation of the part number, the search will not find it.   For example, to find the part number AC105, you cannot enter AC-105 or AC 105 in the Search box.