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Roxtec sealing systems for cables & pipes, offered as standard kits for enclosures and engineered cable entry solutions.  Our shopping cart details the standard Roxtec kits; call us for assistance with all other sealing applications.

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Roxtec Cable Glands Roxtec
Flexible sealing system for cables, wires & pipes.
Roxtec Cable Entry Seals
Unique, flexible Roxtec sealing systems for cables & pipes, offered as standard kits and custom cable entry systems.  Our site only details the standard kits for enclosures; contact us for all other sealing applications for the following industries:
roxtec telecom solutions
Roxtec Cable Entry Seals for Solar panels
Roxtec cable glands for windturbines
Offshore Oil & Gas
Roxtec oil gas industry solutions
Marine / Ships
Marine ships cable entry solutions by Roxtec
Industrial / ManufacturingRoxtec robotic install pic Electrical / ConstructionRoxtec industrial install pic 22 Public Utilities
Utility services solutions by Roxtec
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                                                       Roxtec – How it Works

Below is a drawing of the typical installation procedure for our Roxtec cable entry systems.  Most Roxtec cable glands are water-tight (NEMA 4X), accommodate a large cable diameter Roxtec frames & modulesrange, and allow you to pass pre-terminated cables through an enclosure, wall, floor, etc, with no cutting or splicing.

Excel Automation is an authorized Roxtec stocking distributor.  Contact us for technical, application & sales assistance.

Roxtec installation procedure

Excel Automation is an authorized Roxtec stocking distributor.
Please view our site below for on-line ordering or contact us for assistance at 330-220-1977.



Roxtec Installation Pictures

Below are installation pictures of our Roxtec cable entry sytems in the following industries:  industrial / manufacturing, construction, electrical contracting, telecom, oil & gas, wind & solar, indoor & outdoor.

Roxtec industrial install picture Roxtec industrial install pictureRoxtec frame installation Roxtec industrial install picture Roxtec frame installationRoxtec frame installation

Roxtec installation pictureRoxtec outdoor installationRoxtec industrial install pic 12Roxtec glands for enclosuresRoxtec industrial install pic 14Roxtec cable entry system installationRoxtec cable entry system for brick wallRoxtec CF cable glandsRoxtec cable glands installedRoxtec cable glands installedRoxtec EZ-EntryRoxtec cable entry system for wall pass throughRoxtec installationRoxtec cable glandsRoxtec industrial install picRoxtec cable glandsRoxtec robotic install picRoxtec water tight cable glands



Excel Automation is an authorized Roxtec stocking distributor.  Please download any of the Roxtec catalogs below, visit our site for more information and on-line ordering, or contact us for application or sales assistance.

PDF icon Roxtec master catalog

PDF icon Roxtec product overview

PDF icon Roxtec cable entry seals for cabinets & enclosures

PDF icon Roxtec cable & pipe transits for marine applications

PDF icon Roxtec sealing solutions for Ex applications


Roxtec EZ-Entry cable gland

Roxtec is the world’s top manufacturer of waterproof cable entry systems for enclosures, walls, ceilings, floors, bulkheads, and more, largely because of its one-of-a-kind multi-diameter technology.   This allows a single gland to accommodate a wide cable diameter range. This technology makes it possible for customers to place an order without knowing the exact cable diameter, an attractive feature for applications requiring flexibility.

Roxtec sealing systems for cables and pipes are offered as standard kits for enclosures and engineered cable entry systems for the construction, telecom, wind, solar, rail & marine industries Roxtec’s flexible cable glands let users pass pre-terminated cables through an opening with no cutting or splicing. Most of Roxtec cable glands are dust- and water-tight and are rated IP67 and NEMA 4X.Roxtec cable gland installation

Another key feature of Roxtec cable glands is that they can have more ports than are needed at time of original installation, allowing for the addition of more cables when needed later on. The cable glands are easy to install and keep the project looking neat, clean and professional.  Roxtec cable glands are space-efficient, allowing the maximum number of cables to pass through the smallest area possible.

Excel Automation is a Roxtec authorized stocking distributor.  We can help select the appropriate cable gland kit for your enclosure or design and engineer a custom cable entry system for all other applications.   Contact us at 330-220-1977.


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