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liveSupportPULS power supplies are a complete line of DIN rail mount switching power supplies and related products. Puls power supplies offer high efficiency, low heat disappation, very small profile, easy to use connection features, and state of the art protective devices.

Output currents from 1 to 40 amps (25-960 watts).  PULS power supplies are available in single phase and three phase input models.  Puls also manufactures diode isolation units, buffers, semi-regulated power supplies, AC/DC converters, and UPS systems.  Excel Automation is an authorized PULS stocking distributor.


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PULS Power Supply Data Sheets

PULS Power Supplies Data Sheets
Dimension Q-Series Single & 3-Phase Power Supplies (very thin profile)
Output VoltageAmpsWattsPhaseInput VoltagePart #Purchase
12-15 VDC15A180W1PH100-240 VACpurchase
24-28 VDC3.4A80W1PH100-240 VACQS3.241purchase
5A120W1PH100-240 VACQS5.241view product
10A240W1PH100-240 VACQS10.241view product
20A480W1PH100-240 VACQS20.241view product
20A480W3PH380-480 VACQT20.241view product
28-32 VDC8.6A240W1PH100-240 VACQS10.301view product
36-42 VDC13.3A240W1PH100-240 VACQS20.361view product
13.3A240W3PH380-480 VACQT20.361view product
48-56 VDC5A240W1PH100-240 VACQS10.481view product
10A480W1PH100-240 VACQS20.481view product
10A480W3PH380-480 VACQT20.481view product
Dimension Q-Series (Device Net Power Supplies)
24 VDC3.8 A91W1PH100-240 VACQS5.DNETview product
24 VDC8A192W1PH100-240 VACQS10.DNETview product
Dimension Q-Series : DC/DC Converter for Drive Systems
24-28 VDC20A480W360-600 VDCQTD20.241view product
Dimension C-Series Single Phase Power Supplies  (very thin profile)
24-28 VDC3A72W1PH100-240VACCS3.241view product
5A120W1PH100-120/208-240VACCS5.241view product
10A240W1PH100-120/208-240VACCS10.241view product
10A240W1PH100-120/208-240VACCS10.242view product
48-56 VDC5A240W1PH100-120/208-240VACCS10.481view product
Dimension Y-Series De-coupling Modules (diodes)
10-60VDC20Ause with Q-Series Power SuppliesYR2.DIODEview product
volt in = 2 x 10-60
20Ause with C-Series Power SuppliesYRM2.DIODEview product
vot in = 2 x 24-60VDC
Dimension X-Series 3-Phase Semi-regulated Power Supplies
24VDC40A960W3PH480VACXT40.242view product
36VDC26.6A960W3PH480VACXT40.362view product
48VDC20A960W3PH480VACXT40.482view product
72VDC13.3A960W3PH480VACXT40.722view product
Dimension U-Series DC-UPS Controller Only : 1 External 12V Battery Required
22.3VDC10Aexternal battery required : 3.9-28AhUB10.241view product
volt in from power supply : 24-28.8VDC
volt in from battery : 12VDC
Dimension U-Series DC-UPS with 1 Internal 12V Battery Included
22.3VDC10Ainternal battery included : 5AhUBC10.241view product
volt in from power supply : 24-28.8VDC
volt in from battery : 12VDC
Dimension U-Series Batteries & Battery Mounting Kits
12VDC5Ahbattery only (for use w/UBC10.241)UZB12.051view product
7Ahbattery w/mounting kit (for use w/UB10.241)UZK12.071view product
7Ahbattery only (for use w/UB10.241)UZB12.071view product
mounting kit only (for use w/UB10.241)UZO12.07view product
26Ahbattery w/mounting kit (for use w/UB10.241)UZK12.261view product
battery only (for use w/UB10.241)UZB12.261view product
mounting kit only (for use w/UB10.241)UZO12.26view product
Dimension U-Series Buffer Modules (capacitors)
24-28.8VDC20A24-28.8VDCUF20.241view product
48-56VDC20A48-56VDCUF20.481view product
Dimension Z-Series Mounting Kits
PANEL MOUNTall Dimension (C, Q, U, X, & Y Series)ZM1.WALLview product
SIDE MOUNTCS3, CS5, QS3, YR2.diode & YRM2.diodeZM11.SIDEview product
SIDE MOUNTQS5ZM12.SIDEview product
SIDE MOUNTCS10 & QS10ZM13.SIDEview product
SIDE MOUNTQT20 & UF20ZM14.SIDEview product
Miniline ML-Series Low Power Single Phase Power Supplies
5-5.5VDC5A25W1PH100-240VACML30.101view product
10-12VDC3.0A30W1PH100-240VACML30.102view product
12-15VDC4.2A50W1PH100-240VACML50.102view product
7.5A90W1PH100-120/208-240VACML100.102view product
+/-12 OR +/-15VDC1.4-2.8A36W1PH100-240VACML30.106view product
24-28VDC1.3A30W1PH100-240VACML30.100view product
2.1A50W1PH100-240VACML50.100view product
2.1A50W1PH100-240VACML50.101view product
2.1A50W1PH100-240VACML50.111view product
3.0A72W1PH100-120/208-240VACML70.100view product
3.9A95W1PH100-120/208-240VACML95.100view product
4.2A100W1PH100-120/208-240VACML100.100view product
48-56VDC1.05A50W1PH100-240VACML50.105view product
2.1A100W1PH100-120/208-240VACML100.105view product
Miniline ML-Series Power Supplies – for use with 480VAC 3-Phase Sysytem
24-28VDC3.75A90W2PH380-480VACML90.200view product
4.2A100W2PH380-480VACML100.200view product
Miniline ML-Series De-coupling Module (diodes)
10-60VDC10A2 x 10-60VDCMLY02.100view product
Silverline SL-Series Single & 3-Phase Power Supplies
12-15VDC3A40W1PH100-120/208-240VACSL2.103view product
15A180W1PH100-120/208-240VACSL10.104view product
24VDC2.5A60W1PH100-120/208-240VACSL2.100view product
4A96W1PH100-120/208-240VACSL4.100view product
5A120W1PH100-120/208-240VACSL5.100view product
24-28VDC5A120W1PH100-120/208-240VACSL5.102view product
5A120W1PH100-120/208-240VACSL5.105view product
10A240W1PH100-120/208-240VACSL10.100view product
10A240W1PH100-120/208-240VACSL10.105view product
20A480W1PH100-120/208-240VACSL20.110view product
20A480W1PH100-120/208-240VACSL20.111view product
20A480W1PH100-120/208-240VACSL20.115view product
30A720W1PH208-240VACSL30.100view product
36-43VDC13.3A480W1PH100-120/208-240VACSL20.112view product
46-56VDC5A240W1PH100-120/208-240VACSL10.101view product
5A240W1PH100-120/208-240VACSL10.106view product
10A480W1PH100-120/208-240VACSL20.113view product
24-28VDC5A120W3PH380-480VACSL5.300view product
10A240W3PH380-480VACSL10.300view product
20A480W3PH480VACSL20.301view product
20A480W3PH380-480VACSL20.310view product
30A720W3PH380-480VACSL30.300view product
40A960W3PH380-480VACSL40.300view product
40A960W3PH380-480VACSL40.301view product
48-52VDC5A240W3PH380-480VACSL10.305view product
Silverline SL-Series Redundancy Power Supplies w/Integreated De-coupling Diodes
24VDC2.5A60W1PH100-120/208-240VACSLR2.5view product
5A120W1PH100-120/208-240VACSLR5.100view product
10A240W1PH100-120/208-240VACSLR10.100view product
Silverline SL-Series De-coupling modules (diodes)
24-28VDC30A2 x 24-28VDCSLR02view product
40A24-28VDCSLR01view product
Silverline SL-Series Buffer Modules (capacitors)
22.5-27.8VDC20A480W24-28.8VDCSLV20.200view product
Silverline SL-Series DC/DC Converter
5.1VDC8A40W18-36VDCSLD2.100view product
Silverline SL-Series AS-Interface Power Supplies
30.5VDC2.8A85W1PH100-120/208-240VACSLA3.100view product
4A122W1PH100-120/208-240VACSLA4.100view product
8A244W1PH100-120/208-240VACSLA8.100view product
8A244W3PH380-480VACSLA8.300view product
Silverline SL-Series Mounting Kits
Panel Mountall Silverline : adds 22mm to the width of P.S.SLZ02view product
S7 300 DIN Railall SL-2 models : width = 51mmSLZ11view product
all SL-5 Single Phase models : width = 66mmSLZ12view product
SL5.300 & SL10.300 models : width = 90mmSLZ13view product
all SL10 Single Phase models : width = 121mmSLZ14view products

 Excel Automation is a PULS power supply authorized stocking distributor.

Visit our shopping cart for on-line ordering or contact us for technical, application or sales assistance.

Ph: 330-220-1977



Puls power suppliesPuls power supplies

Excel Automation is a PULS power supply authorized stocking distributor.  Below are some of the top benefits of using our Puls power supplies:


  • PULS power supplies have the highest energy efficiency in the market (up to 97%)
  • Less heat generated in the enclosure allows a longer lifetime for all components in the system
  • Least energy consumption for the user


  • AC single, 3-Phase and DC input power supplies
  • AC to DC power converters
  • Specific Network power supplies
  • Redundancy modules & Redundant power supplies
  • DC-UPS controllers with individual battery monitoring & charging


  • PULS power supplies small footprints result in smaller cabinet requirements
  • Lower heat generation also leads to smaller cabinets
  • PULS power supplies long life prolongs replacement costs
  • Less energy consumed to due the same job


  • PULS power supplies have the longest life in the industry
  • Quality is assured with every PULS power supply product
  • Performance to data sheets is guarenteed


  • PULS is continually introducing the next generation of DC power solutions while maintaining existing designs
  • PULS does not phase out or obsolete standard products
  • Eliminates the forced changes to your design and enclosures due to obsolescence
  • Availability you can count on for years


  • DC power products are the only business PULS is in
  • Market education and training leader
  • PULS Data sheets that you can rely on to meet stated performance


  • Advanced design techniques utilized to lead the market in new product innovations
  • PULS was recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the technology leader


  • Application engineering support available to assist you with the best product for your application
  • Excel Automation is a technical authorized stocking distributor available to for sales and application assistance
  • Same day shipping from Excel Automation on in-stock items


  • From development to shipment the entire process is controlled by PULS
  • Two ultra-modern facilities opened in the last 5 years
  • Significant stocking inventory at Excel Automation


  • PULS employees over 50 engineers and technicians  exclusively dedicated to developing DC power products for your application
  • Modified standard products availalbe for volume applications


Excel Automation is an PULS authorized stocking distributor.

Visit our on-line shopping cart for ordering, or contact us for technical, application & sales support.

PH: 330-220-1977


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